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We - the parents - are responsible for the way our children think. The world is always changing, it is getting faster and the amount of possibilities is growing. We believe we can change the way we buy and create products in 21st century. We believe we can be more than just consumers, we believe we can be inventors, creators and manufacturers as well.


This is CAR-A-MEL project –  Designed for kids.

What is CAR-A-MEL

CAR-A-MEL is fully 3D printable (FDM) toy car consisting of 40+ parts, printed without supports. All you need is our data and your 3D printer and you can easily manufacture your own toy in the comfort of your home. In case some part get lost or broken, no worries – just re-print the missing or broken element and the toy is fully functional again.


You have source data, and this is the KEY.

Key features


You can make your toy in any scale and any colour combination you can think of – you can try to print it as small as possible, while still being fully functional, or you can go the opposite direction and make it as big as your device allows you - all black, from carbon, big one or fast printed? It's a game, it's your decision. No rules, no restrictions, push your limits.


Toys can be damaged or broken in the heat of the play, sometimes that is the end of it – not with CAR-A-MEL. You can only print the damaged part and make your CAR-A-MEL fully functional again.

We ship data only, nothing else, so there is no carbon footprint; the kit needs no supports to print, so there is no waste and everything fits perfectly without a single drop of glue.


We are developing NEW extensions and custom parts, so if you or your child are tired of your CAR-A-MEL, you can easily upgrade it.

Basic Kit Parts


We would like to hear your thoughts and get your feedback. Do you think CAR-A-MEL can be improved? Do you have an idea for custom parts? You can become part of the design process – let us know your ideas and we can make them reality. You can send us your designs and we will share them with community, for FREE.


All extensions costs 1$ as default. But don't afraid, you can have it for FREE if it is marked as FREE extension item. Just click download button bellow or pay for it if you want to support us. Or add extension to cart and use promo code: Extensions at checkout page.

Basic Kit


- all parts included

How to print - Basic Kit - recommended presets for 3D printing for scale 1:1

Assembly Guide - CAR-A-MEL R1 Type